Project Detail
To Begin
Role: Designer 
Skills: UI/UX, Illustration, Typography
Team: Princess Hart + Anna Miller
Tools: Adobe XD, Procreate, Illustrator, Miro
Scope: April-May 2022
AWARDED best design in the category of UI/UX in the 2024 ADAI awards.
Project Brief
The project's brief tasked me with the creation and design of a product that would align with my identity. In the context of this project, I wanted to find a way to incorporate two important aspects of my identity: my pursuit of mental peace and my experiences as a woman. As a woman, I navigate the challenges posed by my monthly menstrual cycle, and I'm keenly aware of the emotional difficulties it can bring.  With that in mind, it became the start of Flourish!
So, What Is Flourish?
 Flourish is an innovative application that aims to assist individuals in addressing common menstrual challenges by providing tailored advice across eight primary domains: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, financial, social, recreational, and spiritual. Our approach to cycle tracking and syncing ensures that the recommendations we offer align with each client’s specific needs and preferences.
As users achieve their objectives using our app, they can monitor their progress through a virtual garden, where they receive a new flower for each accomplishment. The app is user-friendly and offers a wide variety of solutions to choose from, providing individuals with quick and easy access to the resources they need.

Project Process

Full icon design created by Anna Miller

White logo created by Anna Miller

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