Project Detail
To Begin
Role: Designer 
Skills: UI/UX, Illustration, Typography
Team: Princess Hart + Jack Burns + Zoe Sadauskis
Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Miro
Scope: November-December 2023
Project Brief
In our app design class, Zoe, a journalism student, with Jack and I (the designers), were challenged to create an app inspired by the shade of burgundy mist metallic. Since we were not exactly tied to the specific color, our brainstorming brought us to the unexpected creation of SLARDS.
SLARDS...?(Yea, Slang-Cards. Get it?)
Do you enjoy creating inside jokes and using unique slang with your friends? Great, so do we. However, keeping track of all those jokes, words, and quotes can be challenging. Modern communication defies simple dictionary definitions. Enter Slards: a hub for users to curate and showcase their cherished catchphrases, slang, quotes, and inside jokes, preserving the culture and memories within friend groups (or with any group, really). This digital archive not only organizes but also sparks creativity through multimedia-based games to coin new words. Our app aims to strengthen connections, providing users with a foolproof way to reminisce about their favorite inside jokes.
Project Process
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