To Begin
Role: Brand Designer
Skills: Brand design (Channel logo, Youtube banner, Episode thumbnails), Podcast technology experience
Team: Anna Miller, Emily Elmer, Heath Wheeldon, Eli Woodson, Kenyon Proby
Tools: Illustrator
Scope: January - February 2023

Project Brief
My team was tasked to create a standout idea for a Diablo IV launch campaign/activation that breaks through culture, exciting both non-players and seasoned adventurers, while reestablishing Diablo’s position as one ofthe greatest gaming franchises of all time.
Our Take
Create a podcast that will cater to potential new players through the experiences of avid Diablo players.
64% of generation Z consume podcasts and 32% listen weekly or more. With that data in mind, the team believed this will be a fresh and unique concept to promote the game.
The hosts, Eli and Heath, with avid Diablo Players
The hosts, Eli and Heath, with avid Diablo Players
Day 2– Testing equipment
Day 2– Testing equipment
Go team!
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