To Begin
Client: ABC Heinz Indonesia
Tools: Illustrator, Procreate, Exacto Knife, Printer, Glue
Skills: Package Design, Illustration
Scope: February - March 2023
Project Brief
The project asked me to create packaging for a chosen product, which involved aspects like choosing color schemes, textures, typography, and including all the required government information. Additionally, I was responsible for defining the problem and conducting research for my chosen product.​​​​​​​
Defining the Problem
ABC Heinz Indonesia's products face a bit of a hurdle when it comes to establishing a foothold in the Western market. The Western industry, with its diverse and dynamic food landscape, tends to be more accustomed to and saturated with Western-style condiments and products. Even in the 'ethnic' section of supermarkets, the offerings tend to be skewed toward Hispanic, East and South Asian, and the occasional African cuisines.As a result, the world of Indonesian cuisine, heavily represented by ABC Heinz, may encounter a limited market presence. This limited exposure can create a hurdle for broader market acceptance and popularity.
In an effort to introduce more cultural selections in the market and provide local Indonesians with a taste of home, I chose to develop a package design that would introduce one of the most beloved brands in a way that truly emphasizes the distinctiveness of their products. The objective was to showcase the brand in a manner that conveys a sense of regal quality, reassuring customers that they are purchasing a high-end product steeped in Indonesia's cultural aesthetic.
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